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Field Trip Information

Pre-Trip – Let us help you have the best field trip ever!
a. Dress for outdoor hands-on exploration

  • We are in the trees so it is cooler here at Mossom.
  • Rain jackets are much better for hands on learning than using umbrellas. Their hands are free to explore and the students can gather in closer to examine nature.
  • Dress to experience nature! We want our participants to sit or kneel on the ground.
  • Boots are great for the rain; dress shoes are not.

b. Vehicle etiquette

  • Park in parking lots so as not to obstruct an emergency vehicle.
  • Park close together so that all the cars will fit.
  • Drive carefully. There may be children, wildlife or another car nearby.

c. When you arrive

  •  Please gather in designated area beyond the parking lot. Do not let children wander on their own because there is wildlife and a creek here.
  • Please enjoy nature respectfully as you gather.
  • The interpreter will greet you at the waiting area and start the program from there.

d. Etiquette

  •  Enjoy the wonder of Mossom while being gentle on the landscape.
  • Save berries and leaves for wildlife.
  • Garbage can be an attractant for wildlife so we must be extra careful not to leave any behind.
  • Please depart after the program because we need to lock the gate at the bottom of the road.
  • Dogs cannot come to the program.
  • Siblings should not attend programs.

e. Pack in Pack out policy

  • Practice garbage-free lunches but if you do have garbage or recyclables your class will need to take them back with you.

f. Accessible washrooms are located in the building and there is an outhouse next to the centre.
g. Be aware that this is a wildlife area.
h. First Aid available: AED, epi-pen, first aid kit and land line phone.
i. The facility is fully wheelchair accessible.




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