We are excited to invite kids ages 9-12 to an outdoor summer ed-venture at Mossom Creek Hatchery and Education Centre! 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn why flying squirrels only come out at night, why a tailed frog has a tail or why a stink currant plant doesn’t stink, this summer ed-venture is for you.

Held in August, these weekly summer learning camps pack 3 hours of outdoor nature experiences into each day. Programs follow a COVID safety plan and are designed by certified teachers and nature experts to provide kids with unique hands-on learning opportunities in the beautiful Mossom Creek watershed. We seek to inspire youth to explore the natural world around them, to gain an understanding of the role they can play in their local ecosystem, and to provide fun and engaging activities to enhance their outdoor experiences.

Each weekly program is loaded with fun themes and activities and takes place outdoors where kids can stretch their legs and their minds and develop a greater awareness of the natural world.

Enrollment is limited – register today to reserve your spot.

Questions about our summer camp programs? Email us for more information.

2020 Summer Camp at Mossom!

Dates, Times and Fees

Week 1 Camp (4 days)
August 4th – 7th
Session 1: 9 am – 12 pm (*WAITLIST)
Session 2: 1 pm – 4 pm (*WAITLIST)
Camp registration fee: $120.00

Week 2 Camp (5 days)
August 10th – 14th 
Session 1: 9 am – 12 pm 
Session 2: 1 pm – 4 pm (*WAITLIST)
Camp registration fee: $150.00

*If you register to a waitlist and we can fill a total of 6 additional spots we will bring another instructor on site to work with the additional group of 6 campers.


Camp Activities

All camp activities take place outdoors in the Mossom Creek Watershed and will include 3 hours of nature exploring and hands-on learning experiences. 

  • Learn how to use naturalist tools to identify and study wildlife, including i.d. cards, binoculars, apps and water monitoring tools!
  • Become part of a food web as an ecosystem explorer and experience the struggle to survive as ecosystems, climate, and landscapes change throughout the seasons and over geological time.
  • Get up close and personal in our waterbug workshop with underwater insects as we explore the stages of their life cycle and uncover how water helps shape the world. 
  • Uncover the clues and discover the behaviours and physical adaptations that allow BC wildlife to survive our wild, wet rain forests.
  • Learn about the connections between trees, insects, animals, and the air we breathe as we take a look at the incredibly interconnected world of our BC salmon forests.

Our programs have been adjusted to address Covid-19 health and safety concerns:

  • 1:6 instructor to youth ratio for small group activities
  • all activities are outdoors in beautiful Mossom Creek Nature Park
  • check-in procedure that includes a wellness check 
  • protocol in place to ensure all youth and instructors are practicing safe social distancing with frequent hand-washing 
  • All equipment or activity areas will be thoroughly wiped down and sanitized after each camp session
  • equipment won’t be shared during camp sessions and each child will have their own sanitized tools to use during their week at camp

Outdoor Summer Camp Registration

  • After you register your child for a program via this form we will send you an email confirmation along with a camp waiver form and a payment link (credit card or e-transfer). Registration is not final until after payment is received.
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