Giant stonefly exoskeletons

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Yesterday, our favourite cedar tree by the creek had at least 13 giant stonefly exoskeletons on it. Mossom is well known for its diversity and abundance of aquatic insects – stoneflies, mayflies and caddisflies – plus those bllue-listed tailed frog tadpoles we are always finding when we look for aquatic insects. The presence of these creatures tells of of good water quality not just today but in the past weeks or months as well.

These photos were taken by Neil Laffra, Mossom volunteer and photographer.  At first, Neil wasn’t sure what he was looking for as he’d never seen or heard of a stonefly!  One of our elementary school volunteers and junior “bugologists” was on hand to point them out.  A great example of the type of informal learning that goes on at the hatchery in various fields, and the education the environmentalists of the future receive here, even now!   — at Mossom Creek Salmon Hatchery.

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