Wild Discovery at Mossom

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While construction is underway at the Mossom Creek Hatchery site, there are ever present reminders of the amazing wildlife that this pristine watershed supports.  Construction crew, supervisors and hatchery volunteers encounter creatures on a daily basis.  Check out these wild finds the month of October 2014

A tiny wild visitor spotted by one of the construction crew! Photographed by volunteer Neil Laffra and identified as a newly transformed tailed coastal frog.  Tailed frogs are a blue listed species that are considered at risk in our province.  To put it’s size in perspective, the large orange thing in the picture is a gloved finger!  This guy is certainly very young as they grow up to 5 cm long.


juvenile coastal tailed frog (photo: Neil Laffra)



This little guy is named a snail-killer carabid, although he mostly eats slugs, to the delight of gardeners everywhere.


snail killer carabid

Common name is snail-killer carabid. (photo: Neil Laffra)


Mushrooms!  Dozens of varieties pop up around the watershed each fall with the cooler and wetter season.

coralline fungus

Coralline fungus, looks like ghost fingers. (phot: Neil Laffra)

birds nest fungus

birds nest fungus before it takes on it’s nest like shape. (photo: Neil Laffra)

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